Storwell Self Storage Scarborough can help you declutter your home and set the stage for its successful sale.

With so many properties of interest in today’s housing market, how do you get your home to stand out from the crowd when you want to sell?

It’s called “staging” – making your house look more like a model home. And the first thing you do in staging your home is to declutter it. Removing excess furniture, reducing the number of things in closets and shelves, packing away family and personal photos – it can all help sell your home by making it look larger, more open and inviting to a buyer. Every room in your house can probably use a good decluttering, including the basement, work room and garage too.

But the big question is what do you do with all the stuff you take out of your house? What do you do with it in the weeks or maybe months when prospective purchasers are touring your home?

A self storage unit can be the perfect solution — like the ones you’ll find at Storwell Self Storage Scarborough With a choice of unit sizes available, you can pick the unit that best accommodates the furnishings and other items and boxes you want to store, in a facility dedicated to both the security of your possessions and your peace of mind.

Then after your home sells, you can simply move everything out of storage and into your new place. Actually, some homeowners are so happy having the extra storage space that they decide to keep renting their unit through the year.
Professional stagers can charge anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the square footage and number of rooms staged.
But there’s a lot of things that you can do on your own to spruce up your home and increase its sales appeal, including this checklist of ten tips:

  1. Neutralize and “de-personalize” your home’s decor by removing all contents that identify the property as your space…i.e. personal photos, diplomas, etc. This makes it easier for the buyer to picture their own family in the home.
  2. To freshen up the home’s look, clean/paint rooms in neutral colours.
  3. Repair that dripping tap or squeaky closet door.
  4. Get rid of the big old overstuffed sofa and replace it with a more contemporary piece.
  5. Use interesting fabrics like a wool throw, silk accent pillows, and/or fabric draperies to highlight window features.
  6. Clusters of artifacts by a mantle will draw attention…but not TOO many!
  7. The kitchen is the heart of the home and should create a rich and welcoming mood with gourmet accessories and polished fruit.
  8. Appoint the bathrooms with sensuous towels and scented soaps and oils
  9. The yard and gardens need to be manicured. Stand at the curb and look at the house. You’ll see that overgrown shrub that has spent 20 years devouring the house has got to go!
  10. Now walk up to the front door. How is the paint, the handle, the lock, the door knocker? Remember, you won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Realtors committed to helping their clients sell their homes often recommend staging and the short term rental of self-storage space. And those homeowners who do usually end up getting much closer to their asking price when they do sell.

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