Whether this is you first time using storage or you are a seasoned self storage pro you would be well advised to review our “Seven Storage Mistakes to Avoid”.  They include insights that we have garnered from our 23 years experience in the storage business. Our goal is to help you protect your treasures and make your stay with us a success.

  1. Cover your goods with old blankets and sheets to keep the dust off. Do NOT wrap them in plastic as this could trap humidity and cause condensation.
  2. Avoid storage facilities with sprinkler systems.A failure of the system could unnecessarily set off the sprinklers soaking your contents or damaging your precious photos, papers, or fabrics.
  3. Think twice about renting an upper level storage unit. Don’t underestimate the moving time and effort to go to the second or third floor and down the hall again. Often, what initially seemed to be a saving turns out to be a cost.
  4. Don’t rely on your home insurance even though you may have “away from home” coverage on your personal property. The time limitations and deductibles will probably override the benefit. Specialized storage insurance (available with your rental) has a much broader coverage and probably lower deductibles, and will cover you for the entire length of your stay.
  5. Don’t forget to give us a second contact who will know how to reach you. At times, for health or other reasons, we may lose contact with you. It is important that someone is there to advise us of the situation.
  6. Remember to consider when you may need access. Often moving runs late. The truck is not available on time or moving takes longer than expected. There is nothing worse than showing up to a locked gate with a fully loaded moving truck! Storwell offers 24-hour access with your own computer-controlled access pass code.
  7. Think about when and how you will need to access your contents. Many customers find it convenient to book a slightly larger unit so that they can arrange their contents, and allowing themselves to access everything easily, without having to empty the unit.

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