You may want to free up your garage or your driveway, or maybe the municipal by-law prohibits you from storing your boat in front of your house. We can help you with that. Storwell Self Storage provides both inside and outside storage for a large range of vehicles including cars, trailers, boats, snowmobiles and RVs.

Storwell also offers you:

  • Affordable prices for short or long term vehicle storage
  • Convenient 24/7 unlimited access to your vehicle
  • Open ended rental agreement for vehicle storage
  • Fully fenced storage area
  • Computerized gate with video surveillance
  • Personal access code for enhanced security
  • Well lit outside vehicle storage
  • Outdoor storage spaces for vehicles up to 45′ long.

Outside Vehicle Storage Terms and Conditions

  • Some of our facilities are affected by municipal by-laws restricting outside storage to certain type of vehicles. Please call the storage facility of interest for more information.
  • For renting an outside parking spot for your vehicle you need
  • a copy of the ownership
  • a copy of valid insurance for your vehicle
  • a valid credit card
  • The vehicle to be store outside must be roadworthy and is not to be towed on our property.
  • When you place your possessions or your vehicle in storage, insurance is only your own responsibility. Please check with your insurance company and make sure that your possessions are covered while in storage or call our storage specialists for more information.

Tips for vehicle storage

There are some factors to consider when storing vehicles in public self storage locations in Ontario, such as: Toronto, Mississauga & Scarbrough

  • Before storing it away, give a good wash to your vehicle.
  • To prevent rust on your vehicle we recommend the waxing of your vehicle.
  • Make sure the tires are properly inflated and the suspension components are greased.
  • Ensure that all windows closed and all doors are locked then cover your vehicle with a tarp for a better protection.
  • If you store a trailer or RV, use a “Puck lock” with a hidden shackle. These locks discourage theft and give you superior security.
  • If you store a boat, make sure the motor is properly secured with high security locks.
  • Do not leave any unsecured items or exposed valuable in or around your vehicle.

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