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  • 85 Executive Ct.
  • Scarborough, Ontario
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How Storwell Earns 5-Star Ratings from Customers Like You

When you need to entrust your personal treasures to someone for safekeeping, you must feel absolutely certain that the caretaker understands the importance of this major responsibility. Your peace of mind depends on knowing that your valuables are secure and will be easy to retrieve when you’re ready to bring them home again. For more than 25 years, Storwell has been protecting the belongings of your neighbours with a professional sense of responsibility and world-class security technology. Come to our newest self storage facility in Scarborough to see for yourself why customers count on us.

Our conveniently located property at 85 Executive Court is equipped with full fencing, computerized gate access control, individually alarmed units, and continuous video surveillance. You will have access to your storage locker 24/7, 365 days a year. Our combination of high security and responsive personal service consistently earns Storwell 5-star reviews from our customers. Our Canadian-owned-and-operated business has learned that our valued customers repeatedly cite 3 qualities that they most appreciate about Storwell:

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"The facility was clean, accessible and secure."

This quote, taken from a 5-star review, highlighting the pleasure new customers typically feel when they first inspect our grounds. Our pride in our business is immediately evident when you view how clean and well-maintained our entire facility looks. As you walk or drive around the property, you will also note the careful planning that has gone into making Storwell the most accessible self storage company in Scarborough.

Wide driveways and corners ensure that large commercial vehicles and moving vans can navigate the layout with ease. Drivers sincerely appreciate this. When you are ready to move your valuables into your unit, or are visiting to retrieve items, you will quickly discover why Storwell insists on single-level units only. Unlike many other storage businesses, which have multi-level, condo-style buildings, everything here is on the ground level. This saves you the considerable hassle of wheeling heavy dollies up the stairs. Drive right up to your locker and walk right into your unit!

24-hour access enables you to deposit and pick up items at your convenience. If you need something right away, in the middle of the night or on a weekend, you will be glad to know that your unit is always accessible to you. Our location is just off highway 401, making us an easy stop when you are out running other errands. Manufacturers, marketers and distributors come to us for conveniently storing their inventory and props between events. Storwell offers special units for vehicle, boat and motorcycle storage too. Leave and retrieve your property in our clean, accessible facility whenever you need to.

"Attention to the needs of your clients, unwavering willingness to help them in a stressful situation."

Another 5-star review reflects the care Storwell takes in our hiring process. We find warm, empathetic staff members who are expert problem-solvers. We understand that the need for storage frequently arises in a stressful situation. You may be between homes, going through a home remodel, or taking an extended trip. With a million things on your mind, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings. Come to our Scarborough office and share coffee and a snack with one of our storage professionals who will help you define precisely which unit will best serve your needs.

For decades, Storwell’s employees have been the strong shoulder customers lean on at a time of change. You will find a good listener in every staff member. Additionally, we have made a special effort to hire multilingual employees for your convenience. We speak: English, French, Polish, Punjabi, Hindi, Romanian, Farsi, Persian, Russian and Hebrew. Call us or come in today and let us take the worry out of storage.

"Should we have need of self storage again, we would use Storwell as our goods were secure and safe from unforeseen dangers."

Our customers experience the most important aspect of our service: trust. This quote comes from a customer who was happy to know that his belongings are safe and untouched by anyone but him. His items had been properly arranged in one of our appealing, high-ceiling units and had been kept fresh and clean by our power ventilation system. Our high security measures had protected him from theft. After such a positive outcome, this customer would gladly do business with Storwell again. Storwell continues to grow from our happy customers’ referrals.

We utilize cutting-edge technology at our Scarborough location. Digital video surveillance enables us to keep a video record of every person keying in at the gate. Access is managed by computerized gate control. For additional security, Storwell makes it easy to obtain self storage insurance. Many of our customers don’t realize that their home owner’s insurance or tenant’s policy does not cover goods kept in storage. Please ask one of our informative consultants about your insurance options.

At Storwell, you will find a wide array of unit sizes, a spotless facility, high security and personable people who will take the stress out of storage for you. Read our Google Places reviews , and the testimonials here on our website. We are committed to building a lifelong relationship with you!

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