Storwell Self Storage’s industrial storage solutions are a flexible and economical answer to your business needs. We can help you get established in your growing business with our drive-up units. Pack and unpack your merchandise with ease and the knowledge that our 24hr surveillance system and live-in staff are keeping a watchful eye on your unit. There’s no need to get locked into a long-term lease; renting self-storage space can allow you to test the market and ramp up your production/distribution at a pace you are comfortable with. We are here to help you grow. As your needs increase, we can fill that demand, and if they shrink temporarily, you can downsize and not feel the pressure of paying rent on unused space. Our job is to cater to your needs and provide custom storage solutions for your growing business.
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Industrial storage

At Storwell, we offer grade-level 12 x 33 and 20 x 40 industrial-size units to conveniently accommodate your freight storage or excess inventory and parts. Our storage units are often used by businesses for the secure storage of machinery and equipment prior to installation. A typical 12 x 33 unit can hold up to 21 standard skids on grade, or more if stacked. The 20 x 40 unit has 4 roll-up doors so you can access your items more easily. Our 20 x 40 unit is currently only available at our Scarborough location near Markham Road and Highway 401.

Each of our facilities features wide paved driveways so you can deliver and pick up your product with large trucks. A hand pump truck is also available for your use on-site. We are located at three key distribution points near major highways in the GTA – at Highway 401 and Markham Road in northeast Scarborough, at Royal Windsor Drive just off the QEW in the southwest Mississauga, and at QEW and Kipling Exit just west of downtown Toronto.

Safety and security

You want peace of mind when you’re running a business. You want to know that everything is in its right place and that it’s secure. Storage units provide a safe and secure environment for your most important business documents, furniture, and inventory. Storwell provides 24 hour access to your unit, meaning that you can get what you need even outside of regular business hours. But having convenient access doesn’t mean that just anyone can come into your unit. Expect surveillance cameras and secure entry. You can trust that your belongings are safe from theft with the highest level of protection.

Save money with industrial storage

Renting an industrial storage unit can save your business money. Many businesses can’t afford to pay rent in a building to store large equipment and documents. Fortunately, businesses can use storage units for temporary purposes or to protect office items for an extended amount of time. Businesses can save a substantial amount of money on office space by renting out a self-storage unit. When businesses use self-storage to store their additional files, documents, and other inventory,  they can better optimize their office space and create a more productive working environment for their staff. Some smaller businesses find that they don’t need office space at all when they put their items in storage. Storwell Self Storage units offer open-ended agreements, so you’re not locked into a long-term commitment. You get the flexibility you need as your company grows and shifts.

Document storage

Unless you go fully digital, most businesses have a large amount of paperwork that tends to pile up fast. Most of those documents are confidential and the business firm can never allow them to get compromised. Hence, they need a well-secured storage system to store those documents. A self-storage unit can be the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective option for that. It can be a great option for businesses to archive various confidential documents such as tax records, employee details, and other legal documents.

Construction businesses can increase workflow by keeping bulky equipment in storage

Mechanics, landscapers, and construction contractors routinely use materials, tools, and heavy equipment that takes up a lot of space. Many of these businesses do not come with an office, but they still need to store all their hardware. Using an industrial self-storage unit is the perfect solution to keep supplies in a convenient and secure location. As is often the case, not all equipment is necessary for every job. Additional inventory such as power tools, shingles, adhesives, and paint sprayers can be put into storage. You should check with the storage facility manager about which industry-related items can and can’t be kept in a storage unit. Not only is keeping extra inventory and construction materials in storage convenient, but it also ensures their safety.

Contractors can use a self-storage unit to store anything from tools to bags of concrete that need to stay dry. Most commonly, a self-storage unit of size 10×20 is perfect for construction contractors. It has enough space to accommodate tools, toolboxes, wood, and metal rods in addition to other necessary materials required for construction work. Moreover, in case a contractor intends to store a small pickup truck or forklift, we have storage units capable of storing it along with other supplies and equipment. The only thing you must be careful of is to place tools and supplies being used frequently toward the front of the unit. In this way, you won’t have to rearrange everything to grab something when you’re in a hurry.

Storing tools in self-storage

Storing tools in self-storage may seem like a no-brainer given their heavy-duty construction. The truth is, most tools are still vulnerable to rust and other types of damage, so don’t overlook the importance of proper hand and power tool storage. Not only will efficient storage tactics keep your tools in great condition, it will also help you stay organized while clearing some garage or shed space at home or during a move. Good tools for woodworking and home improvement can be quite expensive. So it’s important to take good care of your tools, whether you use them regularly, take them out for special projects, or need to put them in storage.

Tools can be stored in both an indoor and outdoor storage unit. An outdoor storage unit is going to be more convenient as it features drive-up access. This should come in handy given that tools can be quite heavy and bulky. Not to mention, if you need to frequently access the tools, you can roll up with your vehicle, load up and go. All of Storwell’s self-storage units are power-ventilated to control for humidity and protect your tools and other equipment from moisture and rust damage.

Use self-storage as a warehouse space

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, you can use self-storage as an alternative to renting out an expensive warehouse space. If you are planning on using self-storage as a warehouse space, you should figure out what size of storage unit you need. You should consider how much inventory or additional materials you need to store and make sure to consider all the possible future changes. If you are unsure of what size storage unit you need, it’s best to consult with the storage facility first.

Industrial storage at Storwell

Storwell Self storage’s industrial storage units are a great option for businesses that are looking for seasonal storage, document storage, or are looking to expand to a larger space and need storage during the move. Storwell facilities provide convenient features like drive-up access that allow you to pull right up to your space for simple unloading and loading, which can save you time. Storwell also offers 24/7 gate access so that you can stop by your storage unit whenever it works with your schedule. Storwell accepts deliveries, which means you can get packages delivered right to your secure storage unit. This is a perfect solution for many small businesses that receive frequent deliveries but are not always available to pick them up right when they arrive.

Choosing a self-storage facility with the proper safety precautions is of the upmost importance when deciding where to store your important and confidential business documents. Storwell Self Storage is a great option for business storage; our facilities have state-of-the-art security features to ensure that our customers’ items are properly taken care of. Some of the security features include 24-hour video camera surveillance, pass code gate access, and individually alarmed units.


What is industrial storage and what kind of items can I store in it?

Storwell Self Storage’s industrial storage solutions are a flexible and economical answer to your business needs. We can help you get established in your growing business with our drive-up units. Pack and unpack your merchandise with ease and the knowledge that our 24-hour surveillance system and attentive staff are keeping a watchful eye on your unit. Industrial storage is a great option for storing a wide range of business related items including inventory, business files, documents, and office furniture.

How is industrial storage different from regular self-storage?

Industrial storage is different from regular self-storage because it is mainly for businesses and not everyday citizens. Businesses can make use of our industrial-sized storage units to help store inventory, documents, or even tools and machinery. At Storwell, we offer grade-level 12×33 and 20×40 industrial-size units to conveniently accommodate your freight storage or excess inventory and parts. Our storage units are often used by businesses for the secure storage of machinery and equipment prior to installation.

Can I store hazardous materials in an industrial storage unit?

No, you cannot store hazardous material in Storwell’s self-storage units in Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Scarborough. Some of the things that you cannot store inside of your storage unit are living things, perishable food items, illegal or stolen goods, explosives, firearms, and harmful chemicals. If you are unsure if you can or cannot store a particular item inside your storage unit, speak to a member of our friendly staff for confirmation.

What security measures are in place to protect my items in an industrial storage unit?

Storwell has latest security features so you can rest assured that your belongings will be well taken care of at any of our Storwell Self Storage facilities in Scarborough, Mississauga, or Etobicoke. Some of the security features at our storage facilities include individually alarmed units, 24-hour video surveillance, and pass code gate access.

Can I rent an industrial storage unit for a short period of time?

The minimum rental period for industrial storage units at Storwell is 4 weeks. However, you can continue using the storage unit for as long as you need. We operate on an open-ended rental agreement, and you will only need to give us 2 days notice to move out.

How do I determine the size of the industrial storage unit I need?

The self-storage unit size that you need to rent really depends on what you are planning to store in your unit. For industrial storage, you will probably need to go with either our 12×33 or 20×40 industrial-size units. The 20×40 storage unit is only available at our Scarborough location. This unit comes with two large roll-up doors for easy access and can hold 20-24 skids. If you are unsure what size storage unit best fits your needs, you can consult one of our friendly and knowledgeable self-storage experts.