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Are you searching for storage near me?

Are you searching for ‘storage near me’?

Storwell Self Storage has locations across the GTA, so if you are asking yourself “is there a quality self-storage facility near me,” then the answer is yes. Storwell has premium self-storage facilities in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Mississauga. All of Storwell’s facilities have the latest security features and amenities.

Self-storage Units in Scarborough

Storwell Self Storage’s Scarborough facility on Executive Court spans 120,000 square feet, has 16 buildings, and over 1100 units of varying sizes; from closet-sized 3 ft x 8 ft units all the way up to industrial-sized 20 ft x 40 ft units, Storwell has unit sizes that can accommodate any of your storage needs.

Conveniently located in the heart of Scarborough just off Markham Road and Highway 401, the facility is just minutes away from the Scarborough Town Center. Whether you are a family moving to a new home, or a student at one of the local colleges, like Centennial College, which is just down the road from Storwell, self-storage can be an invaluable resource.


Self-storage units in Etobicoke

The Storwell Self Storage Etobicoke facility on Evans Avenue spans 71,000 square feet, has 12 buildings, and nearly 800 units of varying sizes including closet-sized 3 ft x 8 ft units all the way up to industrial-sized 12 ft x 33 ft units that are perfect for residential, commercial, or business storage. If you live in Etobicoke, Storwell offers safe and affordable drive-up self-storage units near you.
Conveniently located on the east end of Toronto just off Kipling Avenue and the Gardiner Expressway, the facility is just minutes away from CF Sherway Gardens. Whether you are a family moving to a new home, or a student at one of the local colleges, like Humber College’s Lakeshore campus, which is just a few minutes south of Storwell, self-storage can be an extremely useful resource.


Self-storage units in Mississauga

The Storwell Self Storage Mississauga facility spans 67,000 square feet, has 9 buildings, and over 600 units of varying sizes including closet-sized 3 ft x 8 ft units all the way up to industrial-sized 12 ft x 33 ft units. If you live in Mississauga, Storwell offers affordable and protected drive-up self-storage units near you.
Conveniently located in central Mississauga just south of Winston Churchill Boulevard and the Queen Elizabeth Way, the facility is just minutes away from the Sheridan Center. Self-storage is a useful resource for anyone living in or moving to Park Royal, Clearview, Sheridan Park, or any of the other residential neighbourhoods in the area.
If you are relocating to Mississauga, preparing your home for staging, need furniture storage, or if you just need somewhere to keep your clutter, Storwell Self Storage can help. Storwell’s Mississauga location is also just a few minutes south of the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus and can be a useful tool for students that need self-storage during their move-in period.

Types of storage facilities near you

Self Storage

Storwell believes that accessing your unit should be hassle-free, which is why our storage facilities all have ground floor access with the ability to drive right up to your unit. Storwell Self Storage facilities are built with wide lanes to accommodate vehicles of all sizes. Whether you are driving a compact sedan or a large moving truck, you will be able to have easy access to your belongings.
Ease of access is one of the things that Storwell values most, which is why you will have access to your storage locker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To give you peace of mind that whatever you store in your unit will be safe and secure, Storwell has equipped all our facilities with the latest technology including passcode gate access, video surveillance, and individually alarmed units.

Moving Services

There are a few things to consider when choosing a storage service for your move. First, you’ll want to decide whether you need short-term or long-term storage. Short-term storage is typically used for items that you won’t need right away, but that you may need within a few months. Long-term storage is usually used for items that you won’t need for a year or more.
Once your move is complete and you arrive at your new location, you might find that you have too much stuff to fit in your new place or that some stuff you would rather keep in storage than in your new home. A move can be a great time to reevaluate what items you want to keep, throw away, or store. If you’re making the move to Toronto, Mississauga, or Scarborough, Storwell Self Storage is a great option for both short-term and long-term storage solutions.

RV and Trailer Storage

RV’s can be a challenge to store. Many RVs are too wide to fit in your average driveway, and even if they do fit, they might cause issues with your neighbours. Storwell provides a safe secure storage option for your RV during the winter months.
Storwell has large parking spots made to accommodate wide body trucks and RVs. With our open-ended lease agreement, you can end your rental period whenever you like, so you can take your RV out and start your vacation at anytime. Whether you are storing your RV inside a storage unit or outside in a parking spot it is important to winterize your vehicle so that it is in good working condition when you take it out in the spring.

Motorcycle Storage

If you can’t store your motorcycle at home, storing your bike at a self-storage facility is another great option. Keeping your motorcycle in indoor vehicle storage may be one of the best ways to protect your bike. Self-storage facilities like Storwell have strong security features like 24-hour video surveillance and pass code gate access as well as power ventilated units to ensure that your vehicle is safe against rust and moisture damage.
Renting a 5×10 unit is perfect for storing a single motorcycle. In fact, it’s actually possible to store two motorcycles in a 5×10 if the motorcycles are both on the smaller side. If you plan on using a 5×10 to store your motorcycle, it’ll give you a little extra room to work on it and the ability to store extra gear and equipment.

Business Storage

Although self-storage is commonly associated with personal use, such as individuals needing temporary storage or collectors needing a location to house valuable collectibles, it can also benefit small business owners. Whether you’ve been running a small business for years or are on the verge of launching a startup, finding ample storage space can be a challenge. It’s a problem easily solved by renting a self-storage unit.
For many small businesses, the cost of a large industrial warehouse is just too high. Self-storage is an excellent option for these businesses that need a distribution centre capable of storing inventory and who do not want to get tied down by a long-term lease. Storwell is a big proponent of helping local businesses that add value to the community. Storwell has several industrial-sized storage units going up to 12 ft x 33 ft that can hold 18 skids comfortably. Business owners can rest assured that their inventory is being well taken care of at Storwell.

Boat Storage

The most common type of boat storage you’ll find at self-storage facilities is outdoor storage. Outdoor parking spaces are typically situated in a fenced area behind a gate requiring a secure access code. When considering storing your boat in a parking spot at a self-storage facility make sure the length of your trailer fits into the spot properly. Storwell Self Storage has larger parking spots to accommodate boat and RV storage but remember that boat trailers typically add approximately 2 to 4 feet to the overall length of the boat, so take that into consideration.
When choosing a self-storage facility, make sure that the facility has the appropriate safety features so that your boat is safe and secure. Storwell Self Storage offers indoor and outdoor boat storage solutions at each of their locations. Storwell has 24-hour video surveillance, pass code gate access, and individually alarmed units.

Car and Truck Storage

Storwell has outdoor and indoor parking storage for both cars and trucks. Our outdoor parking spots are wide enough to accommodate any size truck, and our units are all on the ground floor so that you can drive your vehicle right up to your unit.
If you want to keep your vehicle indoors, our 10 ft x 20 ft units can fit a small sedan and our 10 ft x 25 ft units can fit a larger truck. Our units are all individually alarmed and monitored by our video surveillance system as well as our on-site manager ensuring that whatever you store in your unit is safe.

What storage unit size do I require?

When it comes to renting a self storage unit, most customers struggle with choosing the appropriate unit size. Storwell has over eleven different storage unit sizes to choose from, so it can be challenging to decide which size works best for you. We will go over a few sizes to help you choose which unit is best for your needs; however, if you are still unsure which unit is right for you, call in to one of our friendly and experienced self-storage representatives and they will assist you in picking out a unit.

Small Storage Units

Select a unit size:

3x8 - Size of a closet

This is our smallest available unit. This size is best for people who are looking to declutter their homes. If you have old Christmas decorations or boxes with old files taking up space in your garage, this is the unit you should go for. This size can also comfortably fit a lawn mower and some gardening equipment if you are looking to clear out your shed.


5x10 - Size of a bus stop shelter

While the 3×8 is best for minor clutter storage, with the 5×10 you can store more substantial pieces, including furniture and major appliances. You can fit a bed frame, a couch, and a washing machine in this unit with room to spare. With a 5-foot opening, you have better access to your stuff. You can store bicycles or motorcycles in this unit with no problem.


5x15 - Size of a Large Walk-in Closet

This unit can fit the contents of a small apartment or loft including bookshelves, bedside tables, coffee tables, and several large appliances. This would also be a good option for businesses looking for file storage. Take advantage of this great unit size by packing items you won’t need towards the back and leave more space in the front of the unit for items you need to access more frequently.


10x10 - Size of an Average Bedroom

In this unit size, you can start storing larger cabinets and several electronic appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and large screen TVs. This is the size that might be best for people staging their homes who need a place to keep their old furniture. The square shape of this unit is perfect for storing your valuable possessions as it gives more room to play with when it comes to organization. For most people, this storage unit size will be the right option, as it has the most versatility for the price.


Medium Storage Units

Select a unit size:

10x15 - Size of a Large Bedroom or Living Room

This unit is more spacious than the 10×10 and is a good choice if you are looking for long-term storage options. You can easily fit a dining table, a small couch, cabinets, and appliances in this unit. If you are looking to store your items long-term but will need to access them regularly, consider organizing your unit using shelving and leaving space for aisles, so you can move around and find items more easily.


10x20 - Single Car Garage

This unit is a great choice if you are moving homes. This unit can fit large appliances, along with furniture, and multiple mattresses. If you want to store tools and furniture along with your vehicle, you will need to go with a larger size.  If you are looking for vehicle storage you can store several motorcycles or bicycles in this unit and still have enough room left over for any additional equipment or tools.


10x25 - Large One Car Garage

If you are moving from a larger house and want to alleviate some of the pressure on moving day, this is a perfect option. This unit can fit several large pieces of furniture, a large TV, appliances, and multiple boxes. This unit is also ideal if you want to store multiple motorcycles, bicycles, or ATVs.


Large Storage Units

Select a unit size:

10x30 - A Full House

This unit can fit the contents of a large house and is a good option to help with a move or if you are downsizing. If you are looking for indoor boat storage this is the unit size that you should go for. This unit can easily fit canoes, jet skis, and smaller row boats. The unit could also fit a compact inshore fishing boat that needs to be kept indoors during the winter.


12x33 - An Industrial-Sized Unit

This is one of the largest storage unit options. It is a great choice for small businesses that need storage space but want to work on a budget. This unit can hold up to 21 skids and has over 10-foot ceilings, so it has extra clearance space compared to the other units. This unit would be able to store vans and larger sedans comfortably. This is the largest size we have available at our Mississauga location.


20x40 - Industrial-Sized Unit that can Double as a Small Warehouse

This is a great option for local businesses that need a place to store their inventory but do not want to get tied down with the long-term leases and high prices associated with purchasing a warehouse space. This unit comes with two roll-up doors that will give you plenty of room to store, organize, and access your inventory, and, with Storwell’s flexible leases, you can evaluate the business landscape and end your rental period whenever you want. This unit size is only available at our Scarborough location.

Why is Storwell the best storage company?

Why is Storwell the best storage company?

At Storwell we recognize that the need for self-storage often comes at times of great change or crisis like job loss, home foreclosure, natural disaster, house fire, or divorce. Whatever the circumstances are that bring you to need self-storage, you can be assured that Storwell’s friendly and professional staff of storage experts will guide you through the storage rental process making sure it is as smooth as possible. We also have on-site management is available anytime for when problems arise outside of our office hours. Each staff member at our facilities takes the time to get to know you and your specific storage needs to craft a personalized experience and make your time at Storwell the best it can possibly be.
The location of each of Storwell’s facilities was chosen very carefully with accessibility in mind. Each location is situated at the center of a major neighbourhood in the GTA with immediate access to major highways. At Storwell, we believe that you should be able to access your things whenever you want, not whenever we are open, which is why our customers have 24/7 passcode gate access to their units.
Storwell facilities have wide lanes that are specifically designed to fit any size car or truck that you want to use for your move. We have drive up units that are all on the ground level so that you can park your vehicle right next to your unit for easy loading and unloading without having to deal with any stairs or elevators.
To make the renting process as easy as possible, Storwell allows customers to rent their unit online. You can consult our sizing guide to determine what size unit is best for your storage needs. Based on unit availability, you will be given a free quote and if you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always call one of our facilities and talk to one of our expert storage representatives.


How many Storwell locations are there?

Storwell has several self-storage facilities located across the GTA. Storwell’s self-storage facilities in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Mississauga are all conveniently located along major highways and have the latest security features, including individually alarmed units, pass code gate access, and 24-hour video camera surveillance.

What are the opening hours for Storwell storage facilities?

Storwell’s self-storage facility in Mississauga is open: Mon. to Fri. 8am – 6pm and Sat. to Sun. 8am – 4pm
Storwell’s self-storage facility in Scarborough is open: Mon. to Fri. 8:30am – 6:30pm and Sat. to Sun. 8am – 4 pm
Storwell’s self-storage facility in Etobicoke is open: Mon. to Fri. 8am – 6 pm and Sat. to Sun. 8am – 4pm

*These hours of operation reflect the times that the main offices are open. Clients are able to access their self-storage units at any time by using their individual gate pass code to enter the facility.

How do I find a Storwell location near me?

If you are looking for the nearest Storwell Self Storage facility near you, you can visit our homepage and enter your postal code and it will let you know which facility is nearest to you. Storwell has self-storage facilities located in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Mississauga.

What types of storage units are available at Storwell locations?

Each Storwell facility has a wide variety of self-storage units as well as a large number of parking spots, which are wide enough to accommodate vehicles of any size. All Storwell Self Storage units are located on the ground floor, which means you don’t have to worry about taking your items up stairs or on crowded elevators. Storwell’s drive-up units make it simple to pull up right to your unit and unload your items with ease.

Can I reserve a storage unit at a Storwell location online?

Yes! You can reserve a storage unit at a Storwell location online through our online booking system, which you can find here: