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The Best Restaurants in the Clarkson-Lorne Park Neighbourhood

By Nikola Asambelevski
Charcuterie Board with Wine

The picturesque Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood is home to some of the best restaurants in Mississauga. The rapidly expanding food scene in Clarkson-Lorne Park is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. This vibrant community has a diverse selection of dining establishments, ranging from upscale fine dining restaurants to casual pubs and everything in between. If you are storing your belongings at our self-storage facility in Mississauga near Clarkson-Lorne Park and you are looking for a great place to eat, here are some of the best restaurants that the neighbourhood has to offer.

Capra’s Kitchen

1834 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J7
(905) 916-1834
Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday: 5-10 pm | Thursday and Friday: 11:30 am- 3 pm, 5- 10 pm

| Saturday: 11 am- 10 pm | Sunday: 11 am- 3 pm, 5-10 pm

Beef Tatare at Capra's Kitchen

Capra’s Kitchen was founded by Canadian celebrity chef Massimo Capra, who has made appearances on several notable television shows including Cityline, Global’s The Morning Show, Chopped: Canada, and Top Chef Canada. Located on Lakeshore Road West, Capra’s Kitchen has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Mississauga with a menu focusing on classic Italian staples with a creative twist. The interior of Capra’s Kitchen is casual yet elegant with plenty of modern accents including tiles printed with images of Banksy’s works. With its commitment to using high-quality ingredients, creative dishes, and a passion for hospitality, Capra’s Kitchen is a must-try destination for food enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood.

The menu at Capra’s Kitchen showcases a delightful fusion of traditional Italian flavours and innovative culinary techniques. The skilled chefs at Capra’s Kitchen pay homage to classic Italian dishes while adding their own unique twists and creativity. From handmade pastas and wood-fired pizzas to succulent meats and seafood, each dish is prepared with precision and attention to detail. Some highlights from the Capra’s Kitchen menu include the tuna tartare, the wild boar ravioli, the gnocchi di patate, and the branzino, which features a seared boneless sea bass filet with cioppino broth, garlic rapini, and fingerling potatoes.

Seared Sea Scallops with Cauliflower Cream Black Truffle King Oyster Mushroom Roasted Carrots and Cauliflower

Along with amazing dishes, Capra’s Kitchen also has an impressive wine list that is comprised predominantly of Italian wines with a few VQA selections mixed in. The attentive and knowledgeable staff at Capra’s Kitchen elevates the dining experience, providing friendly and personalized service. Whether you need recommendations, have dietary preferences, or want to explore the wine list, the staff is always ready to assist and ensure that your dining experience exceeds expectations. If you are looking for authentic Italian food served in a relaxed and casual environment, look no further than Capra’s Kitchen.

Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro

1731 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J4
(905) 916-2283
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday: 11 am- 10 pm | Thursday to Saturday: 11 am- 11 pm

Beet Salad from Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro

The Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro has been a staple of the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood for years serving a mouth-watering selection of Italian, Mediterranean, American, and Continental cuisine. With its extensive menu and wide selection of vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone at Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro. The restaurant has a warm and elegant interior that is perfect for a romantic date night or a dinner with the family. The spacious patio overlooking Lakeshore Road is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful meal in the warm summer months.

The Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro menu is incredibly diverse with dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of countries such as Greece, Italy, and Spain. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, using fresh and high-quality ingredients to capture the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean region. Some of the standout dishes on the Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro menu include the fried calamari, the P.E.I. mussels, the Clarkson homemade beef burger, the fusilli primavera, and the stuffed chicken supreme with wild mushrooms, spinach, roasted peppers, and goat cheese. The Bistro also serves a variety of Italian style thin crust pizzas including the signature Clarkson pizza with prosciutto, mushrooms, arugula, mozzarella, asiago cheese, and tomato sauce.

Salad from Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro

To complement your meal, Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro offers a robust selection of wines from Italy, Spain, Argentina, America, Canada, and New Zealand along with an extensive cocktails list. With its inviting ambiance, authentic dishes, and attentive service, this bistro captures the essence of Mediterranean dining. The Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro also takes immense pride in offering world-class catering services for corporate and office events, as well as group functions, with award-winning dishes and fully equipped A/V systems.

Mango Sticky Rice

1727 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J4
(437) 260-1727
Hours: Monday to Sunday 12- 8 pm

Mango Sticky Rice

If you are a fan of refreshing and delicious dessert treats, then you have to visit Mango Sticky Rice located in the heart of the Clarkson Lorne-Park neighbourhood on Lakeshore Road West. The owners of Mango Sticky Rice got the idea for the restaurant from their grandmother who would serve the traditional Thai treat at her house in Ayutthaya during the summers. The dish features creamy glutinous rice with sweet ripe mangoes and a rich coconut sauce resulting in a dessert that is sweet and refreshing. The Mango Sticky Rice storefront is hard to miss with its bright yellow exterior and matching yellow flowers. The yellow theme extends inside as the intimate dessert shop also has yellow walls and a yellow ceiling.

The star of the show at Mango Sticky Rice Dessert shop is, of course, their signature mango sticky rice dessert. The dessert offers a delightful combination of textures and flavours as the soft and slightly chewy rice complements the juicy and sweet mango slices. In addition to the classic mango sticky rice, the dessert shop also offers variations and additions to cater to different preferences. Many of the menu items are based on classic Thai street food such as Thai ice cream, which is made using real fruit and is completely non-dairy. A few of the Thai ice cream flavours offered at Mango Sticky Rice are mon-thong durian, nam dok mai mango, and Thai taro. Some other notable menu items include the pandan custard buns, the egg custard stick rice, the Thai hibiscus iced tea, the matcha yuzu, and the pink milk, which is a sweet and refreshing iced milk drink flavoured with sala fruit.

Mango Sticky Rice on Blue Bowl

Whether you visit Mango Sticky Rice for a quick sweet treat or to indulge in a Thai-inspired dessert experience, you are sure to be delighted by the flavours and hospitality that await you. The shop’s commitment to authenticity, warm ambiance, and mouthwatering creations make it a beloved destination for dessert enthusiasts in Clarkson-Lorne Park. If you find yourself craving a taste of Thailand’s sweet delights, Mango Sticky Rice is the place to be.

Mela Kitchen

1714 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J5
(905) 919-1374
Hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 12- 10 pm | Friday and Saturday: 12- 10:30 pm

Fish Chili from Mela Kitchen

Mela Kitchen offers a unique blend of Indian and Chinese Hakka cuisine. The chefs at Mela are dedicated to putting together exemplary dishes that are an authentic representation of Indo-Chinese food. Mela Kitchen’s simple and chic interior creates a warm and welcoming environment that attracts customers from all over Mississauga. The restaurant’s tasteful décor features elements inspired by both Indian and Chinese cultures, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics. The friendly staff provides attentive service, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of.

The menu at Mela Kitchen showcases a wide range of dishes that reflect the diverse culinary heritage of India and the bold flavors of Chinese Hakka cuisine. From aromatic curries to savory stir-fries and noodle dishes, there is something for everyone. Mela Kitchen prides itself on using authentic and high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each dish is a true representation of its respective cuisine. Some of the standout dishes at Mela Kitchen include the tandoori chicken, the sesame seed chicken gravy, the fried paneer, and the Mongolian beef sizzler. If you have a sweet tooth you have to try one of Mela’s wonderful desserts such as rasmalai, gulab jamun, and kulfi.

Fried Dumplings from Mela Kitchen

Along with the amazing food, Mela Kitchen also has a great beverage menu that ranges from refreshing cocktails to traditional Indian lassis and Chinese teas. Whether you’re dining in or opting for takeout, Mela Kitchen provides a culinary journey that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of India and China. The fusion of flavours, warm ambiance, and attentive service make it a destination for food enthusiasts looking to explore the exciting world of Indian Chinese Hakka cuisine.

Michael’s Back Door Restaurant

1715 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J4
(905) 822-5751
Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday: 5- 9 pm | Friday and Saturday: 5- 10 pm

Cioppino Di Pesce from Michael's Back Door Restaurant

Michael Morra Sr. was born and raised in a small town in Italy. He immigrated to Canada when he was just 16-years-old and immediately found a job washing dishes in a Toronto restaurant. After completing hairdresser training and opening two successful hair salons, Michael decided to return to the restaurant business. In 1981, Michael Morra Sr. opened Michael’s Back Door Restaurant at 1715 Lakeshore Road West, in the heart of Clarkson-Lorne Park. Since its inception, Michael’s Back Door Restaurant has kept with the Italian tradition that every meal should be a family affair and one to be celebrated. Today the restaurant is run by Michael’s son Michael Morra Jr. along with partners Anthony Coffa and Head Chef Mark D’Souza, who joined the operation in 2015.

Michael’s Back Door Restaurant has an elegant and stylish interior with intimate lighting, which creates an immersive dining experience. While Michael’s Back Door prides itself on serving fresh and authentic Italian food, Head Chef Mark D’Souza is not afraid to add a few modern twists to the traditional rustic and regional Italian dishes. Some of the best dishes on the menu are the polpette di cinghiale, the artichoke risotto, the linguine frutti di mare, the 10 oz. AAA New York strip loin, and the branzino, which is seared European bass with olives, tomato salsa, and lemon olive oil. Make sure to leave room for dessert because Michael’s Back Door Restaurant makes some of the best traditional tiramisu in the city.

Orecchiette Dish with Wine from Michael's Back Door Restaurant

Complementing the delectable cuisine, Michael’s Back Door boasts an extensive wine list featuring an impressive selection of local and international wines. The commitment to exceptional service at Michael’s Back Door is evident from the moment guests are seated. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and eager to cater to each guest’s individual preferences and dietary needs. Whether it’s a special occasion, a romantic dinner for two, or a gathering with friends and family, the restaurant’s service sets the stage for a truly memorable dining experience. The elegant and intimate setting, combined with the restaurant’s impeccable service and expansive menu of Italian classics, makes Michael’s Back Door Restaurant one of the best restaurants in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood.

Solstice Restaurant & Wine Bar

1801 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J6
(905) 822-1801
Hours: Tuesday: 4- 9 pm | Wednesday and Thursday: 12- 3 pm, 4-  9 pm | Friday: 12- 3 pm, 4- 10 pm | Saturday: 4- 10 pm | Sunday: 4- 8:30 pm

Parmigiana di melanzane with a cherry tomato sauce from Solstice

In the fall of 2005, brothers Vince, John Paul, and Andrew Angheloni opened Solstice Restaurant and Wine Bar in the heart of the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood. The brothers had plenty of prior experience in the restaurant business as the Angheloni family had also owned and operated the Elliot House Restaurant for 12 years. When the brothers opened Solstice, it was their opportunity to share their love of food and fine dining with the local community. Solstice has an elegant and stylish interior with a modern décor. The restaurant’s attention to detail in design and lighting creates an ambiance that is both intimate and upscale.

Part owner and Head Chef John Paul Angheloni spent three years in Italy refining his skills and gaining valuable knowledge about Italian food, culture, and the restaurant industry. He has crafted a menu that is full of classic Italian dishes infused with creativity and bold flavours. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Some of the standout items on the Solstice menu include the char grilled Spanish octopus, the homemade potato gnocchi pomodoro, the veal parmigiano, and the Kobe burger, which features an 8 oz. US Wagyu patty with brick cheese, arugula, tomato and a sriracha aioli served with French fries.

Muscovy duck breast with crispy Brussels sprouts from Solstice

Complementing the exceptional cuisine is Solstice’s extensive wine list. With a carefully curated selection of local and international wines, the restaurant offers a perfect pairing for every dish. Overall, Solstice Restaurant and Wine Bar offers an exquisite dining experience that seamlessly combines delectable cuisine with an exceptional wine selection. With its sophisticated ambiance, inventive menu, and attentive service, Solstice has become one of the premier restaurants in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a romantic evening, or simply savoring a delightful meal, Solstice Restaurant and Wine Bar promises an unforgettable culinary experience.

The Daly Grind Café

1680 Lakeshore Rd W Unit 1, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J5
(905) 916-6900
Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Fresh coffee and fresh scones from Daly Grind Cafe

The Daly Grind Café is truly one of the most unique establishments in the Clarkson-Lorne Park area and is a must-visit location for anyone looking for excellent coffee and baked goods. Louise Daly was the proud owner of More than Pies for over ten years, which was a home-style bakery café with two locations in the west end of Toronto. When she decided to step away from that business she took her expertise and started the Daly Grind, located in the heart of Clarkson-Lorne Park on Lakeshore and Meadow Wood Road.

Along with offering amazing food and beverages, the Daly Grind is also a co-working space. The Daly Grind offers a well-equipped space that fosters creativity and productivity with refreshments to help your workday and meetings along. The neutral space is ideal for people who are working from home and need a dedicated space to meet with clients or colleagues in person but who do not have access to an office space. At the Daly Grind you can use the flexible booking system to reserve your space so you can host a professional meeting in a clean, quiet, and convenient location. The Daly Grind also offers package reception, standard office supplies, and high speed internet.

Croissants and pain au chocolat from Daly Grind Cafe

The Daly Grind takes great pride in providing its clients with high-quality food and drinks made with the freshest ingredients possible. The coffee at the Daly Grind is outstanding made with beans from Detour coffee. The Daly Grind also offers a wide selection of tea from Toronto’s own Genuine Tea. The baked goods come from an array of local purveyors, and light fare is made in house from locally sourced ingredients. The Daly Grind also has a little market section where they sell various goods such as Salt Spring sea salt, Motley Que Barbeque Sauce, and Scout Cannery canned tuna, lobster, and trout. The Daly Grind Café is a wonderful place to get some work done, enjoy a great cup of coffee, and experience a warm and welcoming community feel that is unlike anywhere else in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood.

Top Grill Shawarma

1900 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J7
(905) 822-2800
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11 am- 9 pm | Sunday 12- 9 pm

Beef Shawarma Plate from Top Grill Shawarma

Located on the corner of Lakeshore Road West and Inverhouse Drive, Top Grill Shawarma is an unassuming restaurant that serves some of the best shawarma in all of Mississauga. Nestled in a small plaza between a pharmacy and a food mart, Top Grill Shawarma offers a casual and relaxed dining experience that places the focus on the delicious food. This popular eatery is the go-to spot for great Middle Eastern cuisine in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood.

As the name would suggest, the signature item at Top Grill Shawarma is, of course, their mouthwatering shawarma. The skilled chefs expertly marinate and grill the meats to perfection, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavourful shawarma. Whether you prefer chicken, beef, or a combination of both, the shawarma at Top Grill is sure to satisfy your cravings. Served in warm and fluffy pita bread, the shawarma is complemented by an array of fresh toppings and zesty sauces, adding a burst of flavour to every bite. To accompany the shawarma options, the menu also features a selection of fresh salads, flavourful rice dishes, and decadent shawarma poutine.

Shawarma Poutine from Top Grill Shawarma

Top Grill Shawarma offers takeout and delivery options so you can enjoy the amazing shawarma on the go or in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re dining in or taking your meal to go, you can expect the same high-quality ingredients and flavours that have made Top Grill a favourite among locals. If you are in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood and are looking for a quick and delicious meal, stop by Top Grill Shawarma and you will not be disappointed.

Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen

1842 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J7
(905) 822-3002
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:30 am- 8 pm

BBQ Chicken Wanda's Caribbean Kitchen

Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen is an incredibly popular family owned Caribbean restaurant located in the heart of the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood. All meals served at Wanda’s are home-made Caribbean recipes that have been passed down through generations. Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen takes great pride in preparing and serving only the best Caribbean meals, made with the freshest ingredients. The delicious food is accompanied by warm hospitality and a lively atmosphere, which is why Wanda’s has such loyal and dedicated customers that keep coming back time and time again.

The menu at Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen offers an enticing array of authentic Caribbean dishes, prepared with love and care. The menu is full of island favourites such as Jamaican patties, fried plantains, oxtail, and jerk chicken. One of the most popular menu items is the delicious chicken roti. Each dish is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the Caribbean. Seafood lovers will delight in Wanda’s selection of fresh and succulent seafood dishes including ackee and saltfish, grilled snapper fish, and king fish.

Curry Chicken Wanda's Caribbean Kitchen

Whether you choose to dine in or take your meal to go, Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen is committed to providing a memorable experience. The authentic flavours, warm hospitality, and vibrant atmosphere make it a popular choice for both lunch and dinner. Additionally, Wanda’s offers catering services, allowing guests to enjoy their delicious Caribbean cuisine at special events and gatherings. If you are looking for amazing Caribbean food in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood, then you must visit Wanda’s Caribbean Kitchen. Wanda’s does not only serve some of the best Caribbean food in Clarkson-Lorne Park but they serve some of the best Caribbean food in the entire GTA.

Hee Sushi

1710 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J5
(905) 916-5500
Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 11:30 am- 9:30 pm | Saturday and Sunday: 12- 9:30 pm

Various Dishes from Hee Sushi

Hee Sushi opened its doors in May 2021 and has quickly become one of the premier sushi restaurants in all of Mississauga. Located in the heart of Clarkson-Lorne Park on Lakeshore Road West, Hee Sushi specializes in a unique combination of sushi, rolls, and Japanese cuisine. Hee Sushi’s intimate and elegant interior makes for a great dining experience. The staff at Hee Sushi works tirelessly to provide fresh and delicious meals to the customers while constantly innovating and creating new and exciting menu items and dishes. Hee Sushi is dedicated to serving the freshest seasonal seafood from the east coast to the west coast while supporting sustainable fishing practices. The restaurant also works with local suppliers whenever possible.

The highlight of the Hee Sushi menu is obviously their amazing selection of sushi and sashimi, which is absolutely delicious. Aside from the sushi, some of the other standout menu items include the bulgogi, the chicken karaage, the salmon teriyaki, and the poke bowls. Hee Sushi also offers an extensive selection of beverages. From traditional Japanese sake and imported beers to refreshing cocktails and non-alcoholic options, there is a drink for every preference. The attentive and knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide recommendations and help guests find the perfect pairing to enhance their dining experience.

Sashimi dinner

In addition to its dine-in services, Hee Sushi also offers takeout and delivery options, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite sushi creations in the comfort of their own homes. Overall, Hee Sushi is a sushi lover’s paradise. With its welcoming ambiance, exquisite flavours, and commitment to quality, the restaurant continues to leave a lasting impression on all who visit. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or new to Japanese cuisine, Hee Sushi is sure to provide a memorable dining experience. If you are looking for a great sushi restaurant in the Clarkson-Lorne Park area, you have to visit Hee Sushi.

Agha Turkish Restaurant

1971 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1J6
(905) 403-9999
Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11 am- 11 pm | Friday and Saturday: 11 am- 12 am

Kehbab dish from Agha Turkish Restaurant

Located on Lakeshore Road West just minutes away from the Clarkson GO station, Agha Turkish Restaurant offers a culinary journey through the vibrant and flavourful cuisine of Turkey. With its authentic dishes, warm hospitality, and inviting ambiance, Agha Turkish Restaurant has become a go-to destination for those seeking a taste of Turkish culture in the heart of Mississauga.

As you step into Agha Turkish Restaurant, you are greeted with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Turkey. The interior is adorned with traditional Turkish décor, including colourful rugs, intricate tile work, and ornate lanterns, creating a truly unique ambiance and feel. Agha Turkish Restaurant focuses on using high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. The chefs at Agha Turkish Restaurant pay homage to traditional Turkish cooking techniques, resulting in flavours that are rich, aromatic, and layered.

Pasta dish from Agha Turkish Restaurant

Some of the standout dishes on the Agha menu include the humus, the baba ghanoush, the icli kofte, the Adana kebabs, the beef iskender, the spinach pide, and the sac tava. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to try one of their amazing desserts, which include a traditional knafeh as well as a delicious sarma baklava. To complement your meal, Agha Turkish Restaurant also offers a selection of traditional Turkish beverages, including refreshing ayran (a yogurt-based drink) and aromatic Turkish tea. The incredible food, warm atmosphere, and wonderful service make Agha one of the best restaurants for Turkish cuisine in the city.

Clarkson Pump & Patio

1744 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 4N8
(905) 855-9354
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11:30 am- 10 pm | Friday: 11:30 am- 12 am | Saturday: 9 am- 12 am

| Sunday: 9 am- 10 pm

Spiced Steak Mariachi Bowl from Clarkson Pump and Patio

Clarkson Pump and Patio has been a mainstay in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood for over 25 years and has maintained a very simple philosophy; great food, great friends, great times. This simple mantra has made Clarkson Pump and Patio one of the most beloved restaurants in all of Mississauga attracting locals and visitors alike. As the name would suggest, the restaurant’s patio is the centerpiece of the experience at Clarkson Pump and Patio. With ample seating and a relaxed outdoor setting, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beautiful weather during the warmer months. Whether you’re meeting friends for a casual lunch or grabbing drinks in the evening, the patio provides a lively and inviting space to socialize and soak up the atmosphere.

The signature dish at the Clarkson Pump and Patio continues to be the chicken wings. When the restaurant first opened over two decades ago, they were the only place serving grilled chicken wings. While the chicken wings are still amazing, the Clarkson Pump and Patio menu has expanded considerably adding a wide variety of dishes. Some of the must-try items on the menu include the nachos, the grilled shrimp avocado salad, the spiced steak mariachi power bowl, the buffalo chicken wrap, the AAA Angus house cut steaks, and the famous Pump House sliders. There are also a wonderful selection of desserts such as the lava cake, the sticky toffee pudding, and the truly unique blueberry lavender cheesecake.

Power Bowl from Clarkson Pump and Patio

Along with the amazing dishes, Clarkson Pump and Patio also has an extensive beverages menu including 16 draught beers and an impressive wine list. The Clarkson Pump and Patio is also a great place to host parties and other events such as bridal or baby showers, rehearsal dinners, holiday parties, community events, and more. The private room can accommodate up to 30 people for seated open menu or buffet style meals. If you are looking for an energetic and vibrant dining experience in the Clarkson- Lorne Park neighbourhood, then you have to visit Clarkson Pump and Patio.

Tony’s Panini & Pizza

1150 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga, ON L5H 3A5
(905) 891-8181
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11 am- 8:30 pm | Friday: 11 am- 9 pm | Saturday and Sunday: 4- 8:30 pm

Arugula pizza from Tony’s Panini & Pizza

Located on Lorne Park Road and Queen Victoria Avenue, Tony’s Panini and Pizza is the quintessential neighbourhood pizza place serving delicious slices and whole pies in a casual and relaxed setting. Tony’s has been a staple of the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood for years and is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Tony’s has an extensive pizza menu with all of the classic pizzas that you would come to expect such as margherita, Hawaiian, and Mediterranean. However, there are also a number of unique pizza options such as the chicken pesto pizza, which comes with pesto sauce, roasted chicken, tomatoes, zucchini, and a balsamic glaze. Another special pizza on the menu is the Louisiana pizza, which comes with a Creole sauce, Cajun chicken, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and chili oil. Other notable menu items include the grilled sandwiches, fresh salads, filled pasta, and mouthwatering paninis.  

Meat lovers pizza from Tony's Panini & Pizza

To accompany your meal, Tony’s Panini and Pizza offers a selection of beverages including soft drinks, juices, and specialty Italian sodas. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a leisurely dinner, or a satisfying takeout option, Tony’s offers some of the best pizza in all of Mississauga and is a must visit destination if you are in the Clarkson-Lorne Park area.

Cuda’s Tap & Grill

1107 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga, ON L5H 3A1
(905) 274-3318
Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 12- 10 pm | Saturday: 1- 10 pm | Sunday 1- 9 pm

Rack of Lamb from Cuda's Tap and Grill

Cuda’s Tap and Grill is a hidden gem in the Clarkson- Lorne Park neighbourhood serving amazing food in a lively and vibrant environment. Located on Lorne Park Road, Cuda has been a local favourite since it opened in 1996. As you enter the iconic blue double doors, your eyes are drawn to the walls, which are adorned with pictures, plaques, and other sports memorabilia. Cuda’s offers a warm and casual atmosphere that is perfect for a weeknight dinner, a quick lunch with friends, or a celebratory evening out. Cuda’s friendly and attentive staff provide excellent service all while making each and every customer feel like they are well taken care of.

Cuda’s Tap and Grill has an extensive menu featuring elevated pub fare with an infusion of interesting and explosive flavours. Some of the best items on the menu are the beef tenderloin with mixed greens, the baby back ribs, the 8 oz. sirloin burger, the beer battered halibut fish and chips, the blackened trout, and the Ontario lamb curry. Cuda’s Tap and Grill also offers a signature pizza of the day, which alternates daily and features unique flavours such as curry spiced chicken.

Rib-Eye Steak over Mixed Greens from Cuda's Tap & Grill

The bar at Cuda’s Tap and Grill boasts an impressive lineup of craft beers, including local brews and seasonal favourites, as well as a variety of wines and spirits. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or prefer a classic cocktail, you’ll find the perfect drink to complement your meal and enhance your dining experience. Sports enthusiasts will feel right at home at Cuda’s Tap and Grill. With multiple large screens strategically placed throughout the restaurant, you won’t miss a moment of the action. From football and basketball to hockey and soccer, Cuda’s Tap and Grill creates an exciting atmosphere where you can cheer on your favorite teams alongside fellow fans. With its amazing food, exciting atmosphere, and wonderful service, it is no surprise that Cuda’s Tap and Grill continues to be one of the most popular restaurants in the Clarkson-Lorne Park neighbourhood.

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