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The Best Restaurants in the Erin Mills Neighbourhood

By Nikola Asambelevski
Sushi from Axia Restaurant

Mississauga is a city known for its vibrant food scene and the neighbourhood of Erin Mills is no exception. Nestled in the western part of the city, Erin Mills boasts a diverse range of restaurants offering a plethora of flavours and culinary experiences. If you are storing your belongings at our self-storage facility in Mississauga near Erin Mills and you are looking for a wonderful place to eat, here are some of the best restaurants that the neighbourhood has to offer.

Axia Restaurant

5045A Plantation Pl B, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3
(905) 608-2942
Hours: Monday to Sunday: 12- 10 pm

Stir Fry Dish from Axia Restaurant

Axia Restaurant is one of the most unique and exciting restaurants in all of Mississauga. Located in the centre of Erin Mills on Eglinton Avenue West just off of Highway 403, Axia offers a wide selection of food from separate Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Southeast Asian kitchens in a marketplace setting. Axia has an elegant and inviting interior decorated with features from various Southeast Asian cultures forming a unique ambiance that you cannot find anywhere else in the city. The restaurant seamlessly combines modern design elements with nods to traditional aesthetics to create a warm and welcoming environment making it an ideal setting for various occasions, from intimate dinners to celebratory gatherings.

Axia Restaurant prides itself on its diverse menu, featuring a fusion of contemporary and classic dishes that cater to a wide range of palates. The restaurant’s culinary team is led by skilled chefs who craft each dish with precision and creativity, utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients available. Their menu often includes a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, with an emphasis on Asian-inspired flavours. Some of the standout items on the Axia menu include the salt and pepper calamari, the spicy chicken dry pot, the general Tso chicken, the sizzling ginger beef, and the steak udon. For seafood lovers, Axia has an extensive sushi and sashimi menu along with poke bowls and bento boxes highlighting their fresh seafood selection.

Sushi from Axia Restaurant

Make sure you leave some room for dessert as Axia has some truly special dessert options. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to try some of their Japanese fried desserts including deep fried tempura Oreo cookies, Mars bars, and cheesecake. Axia also offers an extensive beverage menu with beer, wine, and sake that will pair nicely with your meal. Axia Restaurant stands out as a gem in Mississauga’s robust culinary scene. With its inviting ambiance, delectable cuisine, and top-notch service, it has built a reputation as a premier dining destination in the Erin Mills neighbourhood. Whether it’s a casual dinner with loved ones or a momentous celebration, Axia Restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience that will leave guests wanting to return again and again.

Crêpes De Luxe

5100 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L5M 4Z5
(905) 608-1118
Hours: Monday to Friday: 10:30 am- 9 pm | Saturday: 10 am- 6 pm | Sunday: 11 am- 6 pm

Crepes with pistachio and ice cream from Crepes De Luxe

Crêpes De Luxe serves some of the best crêpes and waffles, not just in the Erin Mills neighbourhood, but in all of Mississauga. This outdoor themed French style café is located in the Erin Mills Town Centre and specializes in French crêpes and Belgian waffles. Crêpes De Luxe has a bright, elegant, and inviting atmosphere that makes for a wonderful dining experience. Since it opened in 2019, Crêpes De Luxe has been dedicated to making delicious baked goods using the freshest ingredients possible.

Crêpes De Luxe batter is made using five simple ingredients: milk, eggs, flour, butter, and salt. This dedication to simplicity allows the crêpe fillings to shine through. The skilled crêpe makers at Crêpes De Luxe masterfully pour the batter onto a hot griddle, swirling it into a perfect circle, and skillfully flipping it with precision. The result is a thin, golden-brown crêpe that serves as a canvas for the delightful flavours within. Crêpes De Luxe has a wide variety of both sweet and savory crêpe. The sweet crêpes come with your choice of Nutella, caramel, hand-made custard, jam, honey, maple syrup, or classic butter and sugar. The crepes are folded and topped with powdered sugar, a sweet drizzle, and a side of real whipped cream. If you are in the mood for a savory crêpe, there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from including the classic crêpe jambon, the crêpe poulet grillé, and a variety of pizza crêpe.

Chocolate Crepe with fresh fruit from Crepes De Luxe

Crêpes De Luxe also has an amazing coffee selection to pair with your crêpes or waffles. The coffee beans are grown in Central and South America and roasted by Chronicle Coffee at 3800 ft. to a delicious medium roast with minimal bitterness. Its commitment to quality, creativity, and exceptional customer service makes Crêpes De Luxe one of the most popular dessert spots in Erin Mills. The passionate team behind the café is dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience for each and every guest, ensuring that every visit is filled with culinary delights and warm hospitality.

Mr. Big’s

3476 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 1V3
(905) 593-3232
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 am- 8 pm

Jerk Chicken and Ting Drink from Mr. Big's

Mr. Big’s Restaurant has been nestled in the heart of Erin Mills on the Collegeway since 2000. This cozy and casual family restaurant highlights market-fresh ingredients and honest cooking practices in an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere. Mr. Big’s specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine, all made in-house by their team of talented chefs. The extensive and diverse menu features a wide variety of dishes to cater to every taste. With some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Mr. Big’s menu is full of classic Jamaican dishes prepared with care, using high-quality ingredients, and cooked to perfection. The breakfast menu has amazing and unique dishes such as liver, ackie and saltfish, and salt mackerel. Some of the standout dishes on the lunch and dinner menu include the jerk chicken, the curry chicken, the oxtail, the cow foot, the tripe and beans, the jerk pork, and the curry goat. Mr. Big’s also serves hearty soups and porridges with a different special for each day of the week.

Chicken Dish and Drink from Mr. Big's

Mr. Big’s has a simple and relaxed atmosphere that makes for a great dining experience perfect for the whole family. The friendly and knowledgeable staff go out of their way to make each customer feel comfortable and at home. Mr. Big’s has a tight knit team where every member is valued for their specific role. A special mention goes to Mr. Big’s graphic designer and media manager Naomi Henry. Naomi works with Selah Printing & Publishings and has been an integral part of Mr. Big’s, helping the business expand their online presence. With its diverse menu, amazing staff, and wonderful atmosphere, Mr. Big’s has become one of the most popular Jamaican restaurants in all of Mississauga. If you are in the Erin Mills neighbourhood and are in the mood for authentic Jamaican food, look no further than Mr. Big’s.

Palma Pasta

4099 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L5L 3P9
(905) 820-7900
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9 am- 6 pm | Sunday: 9 am- 5 pm

Various types of pasta from Palma Pasta

Located on Erin Mills Parkway just off of Highway 403, Palma Pasta has been a fixture of the Erin Mills neighbourhood for years. This culinary gem serves some of the best authentic Italian cuisine in all of Mississauga. With a focus on quality ingredients, traditional recipes, and a commitment to excellence, Palma Pasta has become a go-to destination for pasta lovers and Italian food enthusiasts in the area.

As soon as you step into Palma Pasta, you are greeted with the aroma of freshly made pasta and simmering sauces. This family-owned and operated establishment offers an impressive selection of pasta types to satisfy every craving, from spaghetti to fusilli and everything in between. One of the most popular dishes on the Palma Pasta menu is the delicious meat lasagna. Some of the other standout dishes on the Palma Pasta menu include the chicken parmigiana, the rigatoni Bolognese, the chicken cacciatore, and the meat cannelloni. If you have a sweet tooth you have to try some of Palma Pasta’s delectable desserts such as the custard tarts, the mini Nutella bombes, and the Nanaimo bars.

Meat Lasagna from Palma Pasta

Palma Pasta also offers a wide selection of ready-to-cook items for those looking to enjoy their delicious meals at home. From pre-made lasagna and ravioli to a variety of sauces and dressings, customers can bring the taste of Palma Pasta to their own kitchens. Palma Pasta’s friendly and attentive staff adds to the overall experience, ensuring that guests feel welcome and well taken care of throughout their visit. Palma Pasta is a true Italian treasure, offering a taste of Italy right in the heart of Erin Mills. With its freshly made pasta, authentic flavours, and dedication to quality, Palma Pasta continues to be a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.


2200 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 2N1
(416) 863-9880
Hours: Monday to Friday: 7 am- 2 pm

Sandwich and sauce from Pumpernickel's

Located on the corner of Eglinton Avenue West and Erin Mills Parkway, Pumpernickel’s is a beloved neighbourhood institution that has been severing delectable sandwiches, wraps, and salads in the Erin Mills area for years. Pumpernickel’s was built based on the simple idea that good food speaks for itself. The team at Pumpernickel’s believes that healthy food, made with fresh ingredients, and served with love makes people happy and the results speak for themselves. Pumpernickel’s uncompromising commitment to fresh ingredients and honest flavours has made them one of the most popular establishments in the neighbourhood.

The highlight of the Pumpernickel’s menu is the signature sandwiches. From classic deli-style creations to innovative combinations, the menu offers a wide variety of options to please every palate. Each sandwich is made to order, utilizing freshly baked bread and premium quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful burst of flavours in every bite. Some of the best sandwiches on the Pumpernickel’s menu include the egg salad sandwich, the Cuban sandwich, the roast beef sandwich, the caprese sandwich, and the BBQ chicken avocado sandwich. Pumpernickel’s also has a great selection of salad bowls and wraps.

Tuna Fish Sandwich from Pumpernickel's

Pumpernickel’s has become well-known for its commitment to catering services, providing delicious and customizable options for corporate events, parties, and gatherings of any size. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a reliable choice for those seeking quality catering services in the area. If you are looking for delicious sandwiches, wraps, and salads made with fresh ingredients, visit Pumpernickel’s and you will not be disappointed.

South N’ Spicy

4099 Erin Mills Pkwy #17, Mississauga, ON L5L 3P9
(905) 820-3663
Hours: Wednesday to Monday: 1- 9 pm

Cone Dosa from South N' Spicy

South N’ Spicy is located in the heart of Erin Mills on the corner of Erin Mills Parkway and Folkway Drive. This unpretentious culinary gem brings the vibrant flavours of South Indian cuisine to the heart of the Erin Mills community. With its extensive menu, authentic recipes, and warm hospitality, this restaurant has gained a reputation for serving up delicious and spicy dishes that transport diners to the southern regions of India. South N’ Spicy has a bright and lively interior with South Indian decorations lining the walls. The restaurant’s interior reflects the colorful and vibrant culture of South India, creating a welcoming ambiance that sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

The menu at South N’ Spicy showcases the diversity of South Indian cuisine, featuring a wide range of dishes that are bursting with flavours. The chefs at South N’ Spicy take pride in using traditional cooking techniques and high-quality ingredients to ensure that each plate is a true representation of the region’s culinary heritage. One of the highlights of South N’ Spicy is its dosa menu. Dosas, a type of thin savory pancake, are a staple in South Indian cuisine. At this restaurant, you’ll find an array of dosa varieties, from the classic masala dosa filled with spiced potato curry to the flavourful Mysore dosa with its fiery red chutney.

Dosa from South N' Spicy

In addition to dosas, South N’ Spicy offers a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that showcase the richness and depth of South Indian flavours. To complement the flavourful dishes, South N’ Spicy offers a range of beverages, including traditional Indian drinks like lassi (a yogurt-based drink) and refreshing fruit juices. These drinks provide a cooling and refreshing contrast to the spices and add another layer of authenticity to the dining experience. The friendly and attentive staff at South N’ Spicy add to the overall dining experience, providing excellent service and making guests feel right at home. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of South Indian cuisine or a curious foodie looking to explore new flavours, South N’ Spicy promises a delightful and memorable culinary journey that will leave you craving more.

Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine

5055 Plantation Pl, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3
(289) 805-7003
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11 am- 10 pm | Friday: 11 am- 11 pm | Saturday: 9 am- 11 pm

| Sunday: 9 am- 10 pm

Lahmacun from Sultan Ahmet

Located on Eglinton Avenue West and Winston Churchill Boulevard, Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine has quickly become one of the best Turkish restaurants in the entire city. Sultan Ahmet’s Head Chef and co-founder Arsalan Ahmet Dogan has brought his time-honoured family recipes to the heart of the Erin Mills neighbourhood. Ahmet Dogan has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years where he has developed a unique style of flamboyant dishes with breathtaking presentation. Turkish cuisine is very colourful, just like the country’s cultural mosaic.

Sultan Ahmet has a bright and lively interior creating an energetic atmosphere that makes for a truly unique dining experience. The restaurant is dedicated to replicating the authentic flavours of Turkey, delivering fresh high-quality food, and providing excellent customer service. The eclectic menu is full of classic Turkish dishes with a few creative twists. Some of the standout menu items include the traditional simit, the pogacha pizza, the baba ganoush, the beef doner, the chicken shish kebaps, the lamb chops, and the Dorado. Make sure to leave room for dessert as Sultan Ahmet offers a wide range of sweets including tulumba, sutlac, and a variety of different baklava.

Baklava from Sultan Ahmet

Along with the delicious and diverse food menu, Sultan Ahmet also has an extensive beverage menu with a variety of light and refreshing drinks that pair perfectly with your meal. Some of the most notable drinks are the mango shake, the Hulk slushy, and the salgam, which is a fermented beverage prepared from violet carrots that are salted and spiced with dark turnips. If you are in the Erin Mills neighbourhood and are looking for authentic Turkish food served in a fun and exciting environment, you must try Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine.

Sunset Grill Erin Mills

2901 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3
(905) 569-6009
Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7 am- 3 pm

Breakfast from Sunset Grill

The Sunset Grill story starts in 1985 when founder, Angelo Christou, opened the first Sunset Grill in the Beaches area of Toronto. In the following decades, the Sunset Grill quickly expanded opening locations across the country, including one location in Erin Mills on Eglinton and Kimbermount Avenue. For over 30 years, the Sunset Grill has followed a simple principle, that good food, fast service, and a pleasant dining experience leads to a successful restaurant.

As you step into Sunset Grill, you are greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance. The cozy interior, adorned with rustic décor and comfortable seating, sets the stage for a relaxed dining experience. Whether you’re visiting for a leisurely weekend brunch or a quick weekday breakfast, the friendly staff ensures that you feel right at home. The signature feature of the Sunset Grill menu is the all-day breakfast. At the Sunset Grill you are able to enjoy your favourite breakfast dishes such as eggs Benedict, avocado toast, buttermilk pancakes, and French toast all day long.

French toast from Sunset Grill

Along with serving delicious food made from fresh locally sourced ingredients, the Sunset Grill also takes a tremendous amount of pride in supporting charitable efforts. All franchised Sunset Grill breakfast restaurants across Ontario, participate in an Annual Pancake Tuesday Fundraiser event on Shrove Tuesday, where they serve their signature buttermilk pancakes for only $1. This is in support of Canadian Cancer Society programs and research, and to raise awareness for the cause. A $1 contribution is made to the Canadian Cancer Society from each Sunset Grill pancake sold. The Sunset offers a delightful breakfast and brunch experience in a warm and inviting setting. With its diverse menu, commitment to using fresh ingredients, and exceptional customer service, this restaurant continues to be a favourite among the Erin Mills community.

Taza Xpress

2911 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3
(905) 828-0996
Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10 am- 10:30 pm | Friday: 10 am- 11:30 pm | Saturday: 10 am- 11 pm

Various Dishes at Taza Xpress

Taza Xpress offers amazing and authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Erin Mills. Located on Winston Churchill Boulevard and Eglinton Avenue West, Taza Xpress is committed to serving delicious food using the freshest ingredients possible without any compromise on quality. This dedication to fresh ingredients extends to the restaurant name as Taza means fresh in Arabic. Taza Xpress’ interior is elegant yet casual combining contemporary elements with traditional touches, creating an inviting atmosphere that reflects the fusion of cultures in its cuisine.

The menu at Taza Xpress showcases an impressive array of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, each carefully crafted to highlight the vibrant flavours of the region. Fresh produce, premium meats, and authentic spices are meticulously selected to ensure that each dish is a true representation of the flavours and traditions it embodies. Some standout dishes at Taza Xpress include the chicken and beef shawarma, the grilled chicken tenders, the falafel, and the Alexandria sausage. Vegetarian and vegan options are also well-represented on the menu at Taza Xpress.

Large meat dish from Taza Xpress

Taza Xpress in offers a great selection of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes full of bold flavours that take diners on a culinary journey. With its diverse menu, commitment to fresh ingredients, and warm hospitality, this restaurant continues to be a popular spot for food enthusiasts in the area. Whether you’re a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, or simply looking to explore new flavours, Taza Xpress promises a memorable dining experience that celebrates the richness and diversity of its culinary traditions.

Turtle Jack’s Erin Mills

5100 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga, ON L5M 4Z5
(365) 565-0085
Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11 am- 11 pm | Friday and Saturday 11 am- 12 am

Burger from Turtle Jack's

In 1992, the Lishman family had a dockside moment of inspiration. What if there was a premium restaurant that offered delicious, fresh food served with the same fun, relaxed hospitality one enjoys with family and friends at the cottage? From this simple dockside idea, Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill was born. Thirty years later, Turtle Jack’s continues the tradition of celebrating family, friendship, and fun through its signature premium-casual dining experience. Located inside the Erin Mills Town Centre, Turtle Jack’s is a staple of the Erin Mills neighbourhood and one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

Turtle Jack’s has an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere with an interior that features wooden accents, sleek modern fireplaces, and comfortable seating.  Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch with friends or a family dinner, Turtle Jack’s provides a welcoming setting for all. The menu at Turtle Jack’s offers a diverse selection of dishes inspired by the flavors of Muskoka, a picturesque region in Ontario known for its scenic beauty and laid-back lifestyle. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh and high-quality ingredients to create mouthwatering meals that capture the essence of cottage country dining. Some of the best dishes on the Turtle Jack’s menu are the turtle wings, the blackened basa taco, the 10 oz. California cut New York strip loin, and the hell-of-a-burger, which is made with a fresh ground chuck and brisket patty grilled to perfection topped with bacon, jalapeño, jalapeño havarti, tomato, lettuce, red onion, and house-made pimento cheese.

Alcohol-free cocktails from Turtle Jack's

Along with serving amazing food, Turtle Jack’s Erin Mills location is also known for its vibrant bar area, offering a selection of craft beers, refreshing cocktails, and fine wines. This makes it a great spot to unwind with friends or catch up with colleagues after a long day. The attentive and friendly staff at Turtle Jack’s contributes to the overall dining experience, providing excellent service and making guests feel welcomed and valued. Overall Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill offers a delightful escape to the cottage country vibes of Muskoka, right in the heart of Erin Mills.

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